Minneapolis Digital Marketing

From Search Engine Optimization to Social Media Strategy, we can do it all. We don’t stop at just making the website, because there’s no point in having a website if no one can find it. We can bring your website more traffic, higher QUALITY traffic, and reinforce your branding across the web. 

Does your business need...

  1. More traffic to your website?
  2. Traffic that actually wants to buy?
  3. A solid plan to keep the marketing momentum going?

Search Engine Optimization

We’ve helped many businesses in Minneapolis achieve an increase in website traffic with comprehensive and holistic SEO techniques. You can trust that we know what it takes to get ahead with search engines.

Why Should you worry about SEO?

  • Most people will NOT search past the first or second Google Search Results page on any given query.
  • We can find keyword strategies that will lead to conversions and an increase in website traffic.
  •  Google is very picky. It is going to look at your entire website from every angle to determine if it’s got what it takes to be on the first page. 

Lets us give your website the proper SEO treatment

You’ve probably heard about search engine optimization. It’s optimizing content for your website so that it will organically spread across the web. Google wants to deliver people the best websites. When people search, they should find you before the competition.

PPC Advertising & Retargeting

Running ad campaigns on Google, Adroll, and Facebook allows you to reach any person on the planet for just a few cents. Our staff has years of experience using these platforms to increase revenue & visibility for our clients. 

Pay-per-click is so much more than advertising

Using pay-per-click advertising benefits both you and your customers. You can consider yourself a guide in the jungle that is your industry. All your competitors are bombarding your potential customers with their owns ads. So why aren’t you? Let us use our expertise to put your business in front of the right people at the perfect time to maximize clicks and leads.

Extend your business influence well beyond Minneapolis & the Twin Cities

  • Use text, images, & video to sell your business online both locally, nationally, and even internationally.
  • Retarget website visitors to serve them your ads on other websites around the web.
  •  We use technology and data to “read the mind” of potential buyers to put you in front of the right people at the perfect moment.

Social Media Marketing

Let’s get your name out there. Facebook and Twitter aren’t the only places to spread the word about your brand. We will use every applicable tool to maximize your reach and engagement online.

Social media strategies that sell

  • We make sure your profile is up to date and looks great with attractive graphics and engaging content.
  • Figure out your business the most effective types of content to post and when to post it.
  • Give your business it’s own social media persona so you can have consistent messaging and build trust with your customers.

Increase your brand awareness and build relationships online

Using the right strategies, social media will give your business top-of-mind presence in your industry. Use social media to build trust, educate your customers, and promote your brand online.

The data shows that people are more likely to interact with businesses that they feel they have connected with.

You don’t want to leave money on the table by ignoring your social media profiles.

See how we can use data & design to bring you more traffic

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