Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits: Terms & Conditions

Are you one of the 50% of nonprofits that doesn’t have enough money to support their staff and carry out their mission?

Enter Google Ad Grants, a program created by one of the world’s leading advertising platforms to help nonprofits grow and promote their cause.

Just like a business, a nonprofit needs to advertise to gain visibility and receive funding or volunteers.

So what if you were given 10,000 dollars to advertise, what if you could cover your advertising budget for the year? You ask yourself, well yes that would be amazing but how do I find a free $10,000 for advertising?

What is Google Ad Grant?

Nonprofits are able to advertise on Google and pay nothing out of pocket through the Google Ads Grant. Once accepted into the program, Google will give $10,000 in advertising credit for Google ads(formerly Google Adwords).

Google ads are small ads that appear in the top of the search listings in a Google search. They can also appear in the side column.

As an advertiser, you place bids on specific keyword phrases so that your nonprofits ads will appear in Google’s search results when a user does a search for your keyword phrase.

You can specifically target keywords potential donors may use to find a nonprofit organization that meets their needs. For example, if you run a charity that supports blue star families you would use the terms “military spouse” or “veterans military family”. Then if someone types in a closely matched search query, they will see an ad for your charity.

The Terms and Conditions for Google Ad Grants

When thinking about using Google Ad Grants for nonprofits, it’s a good idea to get into the nitty-gritty of it.

Here are the terms and restrictions of the Google ad Grant program. The Google Ad Grant program will deliver ads for you but only on Google and not on affiliate websites. That is really not a problem, because 85% of your visibility will come from Google search returns.

Google also will not manage the ads for you. We suggest hiring a local digital ad agency to manage your Google ads for you. This way your ads will be strategically designed and deployed and an agency can maximize ROI.

Google also sets your daily ad spend to $329, this will equal a total of $10,000 at the end of the month. You are also not allowed to have keywords with a Max Cost-Per-Click(CPC) higher than $2.00.

The keyword max will restrict you from using the most popular keywords in your space. However, you can effectively use long-tail keywords. Furthermore, all experts in the field of SEO will say that long-tail keywords result in more ad clicks.

One more little tip, if you receive the Google Ad Grant and you don’t use it you will lose it. Make sure when you sign up you already have an ad campaign in place with creative and good copy.

How to become eligible for Google Ad Grants for nonprofits

The enrollment process for Google Ad Grants is very easy. There is no time-consuming application to fill out. You must be a registered charity or nonprofit in order to be eligible. Education, medical, or government organizations are excluded from this program.

The process is simple, first, you must start by applying for Google for nonprofits. The application process is super quick and easy. This is an excellent program for your nonprofit, you will receive fantastic resources for your nonprofit included Gsuite and many fundraising methods.

Once that process is complete, you will then want to sign up for the Google Ads Grant program. You will need to agree to Google’s terms and conditions by maintaining a top-notch website. Again, we would suggest having a great digital agency that you trust to build and maintain a compliant website. This way not only will you be able to convey your nonprofit properly, you will have a better chance of ranking high in the organic return on Google and to stay compliant with Google Ads Grants.

Maintaining Compliance

Again, once you are in the program it is very important that you stay compliant with the Google Ads Grant rules technical and non-technical.

The rules are very straight forward for instance, your ads must reflect the goals and objectives of your nonprofit and 100% of the proceeds go toward running your nonprofit. Another major compliance rule is that all of your ads must link to the same URL. They take these terms and conditions seriously, use your digital agency rep to take a deeper dive into the full terms and conditions.

Final Takeaway

If you run a nonprofit or charity, this is a program you have to take advantage of! Google Ad Grants is such a great tool for nonprofits to take advantage of. You can use this program to drive donations or just gain visibility for your nonprofit.

Make sure to organize your campaigns and have a professional manage the ads for you. Also, make sure that you run A/B testing on your ad creative and copy to make sure it is effective. If you need an agency to manage your campaigns for you, we here at The Digital Laboratory will be more than happy to help you maximize this program. Check out all of our services to see how we can help your nonprofit or charity.