Starting a Blog: 5 Tips for Success

Writing is hard. For those who don’t write for a living, putting out content that is shareable and likable can seem like a daunting task. However, publishing good content can be one of the most beneficial things your company can do online by a wide margin.

Save time and make money with a good blog post

While the intial benefits of publishing great content don’t seem apprent, the benefits in the long term are invaluable. It adds life to your website, makes your customers trust you, and they can even generate revenue (both directly and indirectly). We love to see people and their businesses suceed, so that’s why we are giving out 5 tips we;ve learned from our years of experience writing blog posts for both ourselves and buisnesses in other industries.

#1 Write about your passions

This is one of the most important aspects of making content that readers will enjoy. Of course, if you are like, you’ll be writing about many different kinds of things (our clients range from politicans to churches…). However, as someone who is most likely reading this for tips on writing a blog post for their own business or their employer, you’ll find that keeping to things you have passions for will help keep the monotany out of writing. You’d be amazed on how many different topics to write about exist within one specific interest. If you’re a dentist, you can write about brushing, flossing, office furniture, the best music to play for your patients, comparing toothpastes, or even a collection of your favorite dentist memes! The options become seemingly endless when you’re writing about somthing important to you.

#2 K.I.S.S your content

Two parrots kissing. Not extremely relevant, but still a nice picture

That’s right folks, pucker up and KISS it. Keep It Simple Stupid, as we all know. Going overboard can be overwhelming, daunting, and outright exhausting for both writers and readers. For example, we kept this list to 5 tips instead of 10 or 20, for two reasons: #1 is that odd numbered lists are statistically more attractive to read, and 5 is a digestible number.

#3 Jot down ideas for the future

This way, you don’t have to spend 1/2 your alloted writing time brainstorming ideas, or waste half the strategy meeting trying to come up with something. Epiphanies come in all shapes and sizes, and they can come from the most unexpected places. I always keep a notepad with me, and I am constantly scribbling down ideas that come to me as I listen to radio, surf the web, or watch TV. I even go as far to “Okay Google” some notes if I am driving.

#4 Choose your assets wisely

Choose your blog assets wisely is key to a successful blog post

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a thousand pictures is worth diddly squat. Images and videos can be extremely powerful, but anything in excess is harmful. The main reason creating content for your website via a blog is to increase the SEO of your website. images come with their own set of SEO benefits and drawbacks, and if you have to many images, whos drawback tend to add up, if they aren’t addressed. In addition to this, your reader may get some sensational overload from all the visual input they are getting.

#5 Imagine your “ideal reader”

This is a phrase coined by the esteemed science-fiction righter Stephen King. In the marketing world, we call this person your “audience”. But it goes a little deeper than that. Imagine the person you most want to reach with your content. Not just their age, or their gender. But the person who’s goals matches what your content will provide for them. You’re looking for that one person who’s curious about the difference between Colgate and Crest. For us, that is you, dear reader. Speaking directly to that person, you will be their muse, their champion. Answering their question or solving their problem is a million times more powerful than any paid advertisement.