6 Ways Churches Can Collect Donations Online

Every business is feeling the pressure of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. If a church wasn’t set up to offer online services and offerings when the pandemic hit, there was a good chance they would be closing their doors for financial reasons in addition to the lockdown.

Having a modern website is key to your church’s ability to get through this pandemic in one piece. There are several ways that investing resources into a healthy online ecosystem can help your church immensely both in the near and distant future. This will definitely NOT be the last pandemic your church will have to navigate, and being prepared is half the battle of survival. 

Our recommended ways to give online

This is where you will discover the real ROI’s of church websites. There are a multitude of ways for people to give money to your church, to help cover costs while the lockdown continues. Paypal, Venmo, Facebook, and even personalized church crowdfunding websites. All of these things can be integrated into your website, making them easy as pie for your congregation to help fund the church’s activities while not being able to be physically present.

Here is a list of common ways a modernized church website can accept donations: 


Being a WordPress shop, we suggest GiveWP as an incredibly popular WordPress plugin for accepting donations DIRECTLY on your church’s website. That’s the biggest benefit of using WordPress and GiveWP together to create a seamless giving experience for your congregation. Additional functionalities include recurring donations, dedicated donations, and donation analytics and insights. 


While Woocommerce is generally known in the WordPress community as a way to sell products online, they also offer donations and fundraising functionality. One of the best reasons to use Woocommerce Donations is that there are NO TRANSACTION FEES which means you get the maximum amount from your donations. 


While Paypal does not offer an on-site donation form, it does offer nice looking donation buttons that can be branded to fit your website’s theme. Big companies like Give Lively and Donation Drive use Paypal as their payment processor. It is the most trusted third-party payment portal on the web. Most people are very familiar with Paypal and have accounts already, making this the easiest off-site donation option available.


GiveSendGo is a christian-based crowdfunding site that allows churches and faith organizations to gather donations and contributions from their congregation for projects and retreats. This isn’t a replacement for plate offerings from the pews, but it is a great way to fund a retreat or a repair project on the building. Also, there are transaction fees involved with GiveSendGo, up to 2.9%.


Similar to GiveSendGo, Kickstarter is one of the most popular crowdfunding websites on the web today. Kickstarters are easy to start, easy to share, and easy to complete (usually). Again, this options is more for gathering funds for retreats and repairs on the church, but it is a well known, trusted website for online giving.


Venmo doesn’t have any kind of integrations with any kind of website, including a WordPress site. It is primarily a mobile-based money sending app, but it can be utilized to accept donations in a pinch. Basically it requires your church to make a Venmo account connected to your church’s bank account, and people can donate to your church by searching your username. The nice things about Venmo is that it gives you the ability to add notes to your donations. 

We hope this list of resources for accepting is helpful in making it so your church can continue to do it’s incredibly important work. We all know that money makes the world go round, and churches are no different in this regard! 

If you need to update your website, so YOU can accept donations online, contact us!