Why Aren’t You Using WordPress?

If you’ve never heard of WordPress before, get ready, it powers roughly 30% of the internet. How can this be? Well, the short answer is that WordPress offers unmatched layout and functionality options over any other CMS or E-Commerce platform. In fact, a WordPress website can sell products, subscriptions, and services. It can even book appointments, be a portfolio, and publish content all at the same time! That is just a tiny portion of the stuff WordPress is capable of.

What else can WordPress do?

Whether you are a photographer, contractor, service provider, artist, business owner, or anything else under the sun, WordPress can give you the functionalities you need to run your entire business. And that’s not just the front facing stuff either. You can use WordPress to run the back-end of your business from inventory, finances, and user / customer trends.

WordPress can give your business website a unique look and feel among a sea of competitors

In terms of visual customization, the capabilities of WordPress are unmatched. You can change anything about your WordPress website, depending on how you’ve set it up. The WordPress front-end is handled by your theme. Downloading the WordPress core files and installing your own theme files will give you 100% control over every aspect of your website’s look and feel.

The concept of a WordPress theme is simple at first glance: It’s how your website looks. But when you delve deeply into the inner workings of a theme to make your own changes outside of the themes original functionality, it becomes much more complicated. Luckily, WordPress has taken care of that for your everyday WordPress user, and told theme developers that their themes must work out of the box (that’s its original functionality). Shazam!

Luckily for those out there who really don’t want to mess around with code and developers, as of 6:06 pm, June 24th, 2019, there are 46,037 themes on Themeforest. And that’s just them. WordPress also hosts a repository of innumerable themes both free and paid for you to use. So there is no shortage of different ways for you to customize your website’s look and feel.

WordPress has an immense library of trusted, well tested plugins for any kind of functionality

According to the Plugins page on WordPress.org, there are currently 55, 093 plugins in the WordPress plugin repository. Wow! That’s a lot of plugins.

What is a plugin?

A plugin is a package of files that add functionality to your WordPress website. They can do anything from adding an image gallery into a page to selling products on your website. These are created by a third party development agency, a solo developer, or even Automattic (the creators of WordPress) themselves. Below, I will list some commonly used plugins for thousands of websites on the internet RIGHT NOW.

Askimet Anti-Spam – Automattic

This plugin is used for stopping spam and hackers on your WordPress website. Askimet will check your comment forms and contact forms submissions against their global database of potential threats.

Jetpack – Automattic

This plugin is a great tracking and stats option for your WordPress website. Jetpack offers security, data, and website management all in one awesome plugin. It’ll tell you how many malicious site logins it’s stopped. For us, Jetpack has stopped 3,496 malicious login attempts. Crazy!

Woocommerce – Automattic

Woocommerce is the leading e-commerce solution for WordPress users. It is developed and maintained by Automattic, so you know that it works seamlessly with WordPress websites. Sell products, subscriptions, and digital downloads with this plugin. It’s pretty nuts. You can buy dozens of premium eCommerce functionality plugins as well that really unlock the plugins potential. Oh, and did we mention the base plugin is free? You can easily set up an online store with WordPress + Woocommerce completely for free.

WooCommerce Product edit screen
Contact From 7 – Takayuki Miyoshi

Contact Form 7 is a FREE, easy to use, and watermark-less contact form plugin that allows you to easily place a custom contact form anywhere on your site. Just make a contact form in it’s wizard and then place the tiny code snippet into a page or widget to display the form. Allows for additional inputs like radio button, multi select, and more.

The Digital Laboratory uses Contact Form 7 on our Contact Us page
We use Contact Form 7 on our page at The Digital Laboratory
Yoast SEO – Team Yoast

If you’re looking to do content marketing on your website, then Yoast SEO is the plugin for you. It integrates seamlessly into the UI of the WordPress backend to give you insights, statistics, and data on your websites search performance. You can even get keyword insights and analytics data from the site with it’s premium version. The base plugin is free!

The Yoast SEO Homepage
Elementor Page Builder – Elementor.com

Elementor, and it’s cousin Beaver Builder, are page building plugins that make creating really stylish pages easy. These are drag and drop web builders that make edits to your website right before your eyes. It’s pro version is even used by agencies everywhere to build custom themes for their clients. And, the base version is free!

WordPress gives you full control over your website

With WordPress, your website structure is saved within page template files that dictate the structure of each page you create. Static pages, posts, category archives, and the home page all have their own unique template file within the WordPress system. The great thing about this is that WordPress has taken care of all the basic needs of a website templating, and this system will be able to handle any kind of content you throw at it. WordPress knows that people are always hungry for customization, so they created a multi-solution system that allows developers to easily override any original template files without changing the original theme. Awesome!

WordPress gives you insight into the health of your business


WordPress comes with a HUGE number of choices for analytics, usage tracking, and sales funneling. For instance, consider Monster Insights for analytics. It is a powerful tool and integrates into your Google Analytics account and displays your Google Analytics data right in your WordPress Dashboard.

Monster Insights Analytics Dashboard for WordPress

Sales & Advertising

Placing ads to monetize your website is easy with WordPress. There are plugins like Advanced Ads that can integrate Google Adsense right into your WordPress dashboard. You can then pull information and ads directly from your Google Adsense account right from your WordPress Dashboard.

Advanced Ads lets you put Google Adsense ads wherever it makes sense

WordPress can help bring more traffic to your website, and into your business

We already discussed plugins like Yoast that can give you a bird’s eye view of your website’s SEO. But what about other ways to drive leads and conversions? Well, if your company uses a CRM like Hubspot, then you can easily combine it’s functionalities into your WordPress website. Use the Hubspot CRM plugin to add forms, popups, and live chat to your website that will integrate perfectly with the Hubspot software.

We use the Hubspot CRM, so the plugin was a natural choice for The Digital Laboratory. Now, people can contact us no matter where we are at instant speed!

A final note

WordPress powers 30% of the entire web for a reason. In many cases it just can’t be beat. It’s up for you to decide whether or not WordPress is right for your business. Keep checking back for later posts on WordPress competitors like Gatsby, Shopify, and Squarespace.